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Have you ever read someone's story and thought, "That's exactly what I needed to hear today to finally get started." Your story could do that for someone else. If the Sprint 8 Cardio Challenge helped you transform your body, improve your health or improve your athletic performance, we want to hear about it! It will take just a few minutes.

If I’m working out at home, can I still participate?

Yes! As long as you have equipment with the Sprint 8 program, you can work out in a gym or at home and participate in the challenge.

I’m new to Sprint 8, can I still participate? 

Yes! Sprint 8 is for people of all fitness levels. To figure out which level to start at, you should begin with two reps (two cardio sprints) on levels 2 to 5. If the 30-second cardio sprint is not difficult to finish, increase the intensity to a higher level. It generally takes two or three short HIIT workouts to comfortably complete a full Sprint 8 workout.

What if I don’t have both a Facebook and an Instagram account?

No problem! You only need to post your sweat score photos on either Facebook OR Instagram to participate in the challenge.

Can I do more than three workouts to enter more times?

To let your body recover adequately, we don’t recommend that you do Sprint 8 more than three times per week. Therefore, only three weekly workouts will be counted.

Have more questions about the Sprint 8 program that weren’t addressed here?

Refer to our full frequently asked questions page.

Sprint 8 is an efficient, fat-burning HIIT workout that gives you a complete cardio exercise experience, including warm-up and cool-down, in just 20 minutes. Since high-intensity cardio exercises are among the best exercise for weight loss, most people see results in just 8 weeks or less. Sprint 8 is an effective way to maximize your health and physique.




This eight-week fitness challenge is designed to help you stay fit through the holiday season and provide you with lasting results. 



*Please note
posting the sweat score to your “stories” on either of these platforms will result in the post being gone after 24-hours and therefore will not be able to be tracked as an entry. Please post all photos to your page, and NOT your stories.




Complete a Sprint 8 workout on Matrix Fitness, Horizon Fitness, or Vision Fitness equipment.

Post a picture of your final sweat score on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag, #Sprint8CardioChallengeEach photo posted with the hashtag will be counted as an entry. 

Repeat! The more you work out, the more you brag, the more likely you are to WIN! Remember, for Sprint 8 to be effective, you should complete 2–3 workouts each week.

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